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Too many women struggle in silence and secrecy about money. Many of us didn't grow up having or hearing healthy conversations about money or how to manage it successfully, and it's time to break that cycle.

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Feeling stuck, and want to be liberated from what holds you back from living according to God's good plan and purpose for your life?

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Meet Salathia

My Life. My Struggle. My Freedom

My name is Salathia Johnson and I am a Christian Financial Coach with over 20 years of experience teaching women how to break unhealthy generational patterns of scarcity and lack in their lives so they can form new and healthy relationships with money.
​For years I struggled in secret with managing money and the guilt, shame, and embarrassment associated with believing that I should have known how to better manage my finances. And because that's what I believed, I didn't reach out and ask for help. On the outside I looked like I had it all together but the truth was, while I was making "good money", I was drowning in debt and stuck in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, and I could not see my way out and from underneath the pressure of trying to keep it all together.

Because I had created an image of looking successful, I was too afraid to tell anyone my truth because I thought I would be judged, and I was already doing a good job of that on my own. So, for years, I suffered alone in silence, carrying the weight of my secret until I hit rock bottom. That day came when I realized I had $1 dollar in my checking account, payday was a week away, and my mother had to meet me at the gas station to fill my tank...that was the last straw!​

I was financially broke and spiritually bankrupt and I knew more money wasn't going to solve my problem. In my spirit I knew it was about more than the money, so, I began to seek the Lord in prayer. During that time I read scriptures and books about managing money that began to reveal false beliefs and self-defeating financial habits that needed to be changed in my life.  As I examined my beliefs about money through the lens of scripture and began applying what I was learning to basic financial principals, my mindset  and habits began to change, and so did my relationship with God in the area of finance.

Slowly, I began to see my life shift and transform- no more living from paycheck to paycheck, and no more hiding in secrecy and shame! I went from surviving to thriving once I understood through the Word of God that my limiting beliefs about money was keeping me stuck in a generational cycle that needed to be broken.

Once I changed my mindset, everything began to change, and I created my financial coaching practice for women who are tired of carrying the weight of secret financial burdens, who are stuck in patterns of lack and scarcity, and who are ready to be free.
​Freedom is the goal! And, I would love to be your Financial Coach. I know what it feels like to be stuck, and I know what it feels like to be liberated from what holds you back and keeps you from living according to God's good plan and purpose for your life. I am currently offering affordable group coaching through our Mocha Money Meet-Up Community (because I believe change and healing happens best this way). Group sizes are limited, and I encourage you to Enroll now.


Real People, Real Stories

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Kelly Evans

"Attending this retreat helped me to fully understand where I had been challenged when It came to my finances.  Each year I would start off strong and then fall off. Whether it be with tithing, paying bills on time and not even opening mail.  Since attending the retreat, I have been talking to my daughter about her core beliefs about money and this year, for the first time, all of my bills are paid and on time!"

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Rev. Patrice Dicy Moore

AMAZING, POWERFUL AND TRANSPARENT!  Salathia has led two POWERFUL workshops for DICY Ministries.  The information she shared impacted everyone in a personal manner.  The way she skillfully crafts her journey along with the workshop information creates room and space for individuals to experience emotional, spiritual, and financial healing.  The atmosphere she creates in her workshops provides a platform for all participants to be heard.  Everyone leaves feeling as though they are equipped and empowered with the tools and information to continue their journey.  I would highly recommend attending one of her workshops or extending her an invitation to be a facilitator. I will definitely invite her to facilitate another one!

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Minister Maxin

"The Financial Vision Board experience brought awesome revelation to me. I realized that the root (fear) of my issue in life has not been this "man made substance" we call money, but the core beliefs I've held within. I learned it has been my thoughts of rejection as a child, plus my feelings of being unworthy to receive that has lead to me sabotaging my future, (Thoughts + Feelings = Behavior), this to me was very powerful. This workshop was not about money. It was about me discovering or should I say uncovering  the core beliefs I've held within."